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  • Light Middle East - Dubai Convention Center
  • LENDA series of led-street-light
  • spiegel series of high bay light
  • LUMO series of LED High Bay Light

Product Categories

  • LED Street Light

    LED Street Light

    LED Street Light

    BBE led street lights adopts Philips power supply & SEOUL, CREE light source with excellent quality, which apply in highway, expressway, primary road, subordinate road, and other similar square and road lighting.

  • LED High Bay Light

    LED High Bay Light

    LED High Bay Light

    BBE led high bay lights adopt Philips light source & power supply with excellent quality, which apply in factories, mines, storerooms, highways, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition Hall, smeltries and other inflammable and explosive places for illumination.

  • Solar LED Street Light

    Solar LED Street Light

    Solar LED Street Light

    Intesolar series integrated solar LED street light absorbing the inspiration and power from universe, this integrated solar-powered LED street light covers an optimal combination of green energy.

  • LED Flood Light

    LED Flood Light

    LED Flood Light

    LED Flood Light, adoption of Philips power supply, can be applied in billboard, highway, railway, tunnel and some other similar places.


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BBE Projects

Industry Solutions

BBE provides wide range lighting solutions, not only the superior products, but DIALUX lighting design and simulation, ROI calculation, finiancing etc.



    BBE LED street lights and led flood lights, applied for roadway lighting, could provide greater nighttime visibility and peace-of-mind for the drivers and residents as it could to some extent curb the accident.


    Gas station

    BBE LED street lights are applied in gas station for proper illumination to ensure the safety of vehicle refueling.


    Parking lot & garage

    BBE LED street lights, applied in parking lot, can increase the visibility when vehicle parks and provide an inner security for vehicle owners as it helps to deter crime and suspicious activity.



    BBE LED high bay lights, applied in warehouses especially for those with high ceiling spaces, can improve the space visibility to ensure warehouse operation.



    BBE LED high bay lights are applied in factories, providing the great illumination in order to guarantee industry production and operation.

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