LED Street Light,
Area & Parking Light LSATM Series

BBE® LSA series roadway, street & area lighting luminaires were injected the latest LED technology and modern design. Each productwas specially engineered with a full range of options and design features to meet the highest performance standards. Powered by CREE LED and Philips Advance drivers, LSATM series provides a complete and visually stunning lighting solution for you all.


Roadway lighting for pedestrian roadways, streets and highways. Area and site lighting for parking lot, playground,
sport area, campuses etc. Available to replace traditional MH or HPS luminaires up to 600W.

  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Street Lights


LED & Optics

BBE LSA Modular Designemploys CREE LED technology ensuring the sustainability and thesuperior light efficiency, maximize the performance and energy savings.

BBE LSA were engineered specifically LED optical systems, have the ability to distribute light evenly toward specific target regions according to task. The HPS/HID luminaire (left) concentrates a lot of light below and behind the pole. The LED luminaire provides more uniform lighting on the roadway, while minimizing light trespass.

TS is designed per IES Type II

TS is designed per IES Type II

2S is designed per IES Type II

2S is designed per IES Type II

3M is designed per IES Type III

3M is designed per IES Type III

Advanced CREE LED technology is applied for high efficiency and long life (Calculated ) L70>100,000h @ Ta=40 oC/104 oF). IESNA LM80 approved and LM79 tested. Pure white 5000K (4700-5300K) & Natural white 4000K (3700-4300K) with CRI>70, allowed by ANSI C78.377. LPW up to115 is available.
Precise optic lens in high intensity PC material with Type II & Type III cut-off provides high uniformity and optimal luminaire spacing, the optical system optimizes the lightdistribution, eliminate the waste of light, promote the reasonable and effective using of light.
IP66 Optics per IEC60529.

Cat. No Driver current (mA) CCT Rated Lumen (lm) 120-277Vac 347-480Vac
Rated Power (W) Efficiency (LPW) Rated Power (W) Efficiency (LPW)
LSA1 1050 4000K/5000K 4500 45 100 n/a n/a
LSA1 700 4000K/5000K 3400 30 110 n/a n/a
LSA2 1050 4000K/5000K 9000 90 100 95 95
LSA2 700 4000K/5000K 6900 60 115 65 106
LSA3 1050 4000K/5000K 13500 135 100 140 96
LSA3 700 4000K/5000K 10350 90 115 95 109
LSA4 1050 4000K/5000K 18500 180 102 190 97
LSA4 700 4000K/5000K 14000 120 116 125 112
LSA5 1050 4000K/5000K 23400 225 104 235 99
LSA5 700 4000K/5000K 17700 150 118 155 114
LSA6 700 4000K/5000K 21200 180 118 190 112
LSA7 700 4000K/5000K 24400 210 116 220 110
LSA8 700 4000K/5000K 28300 240 118 250 113


Thermal management

Thermal management

BBE LSA was designed in air-flow thermal management system, use the latest thermo dynamic software to simulate performance results, and the In Situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT) performed by NVLAP approved lab to guarantee the design target is achieved. The measured Tc=65 oC (Ta=25 oC, 700mA driving) ensures optimum LED performance, system life and longevity. LSA reaches L70>100,000h (Ta=25 oC) against Energy Star TM21 calculator.


* All the specifications is subjected to changes without notice.

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