LED street light LENDA series LENDATMSeries BBE® LED Roadway Lighting Luminaire

Lenda Series

Patented BBE® LENDATM series LED street light was designed by famous team,managed by rich experienced specialists, and controlled by strict quality system, combines robust construction and high quality materials, guarantees lifetime, high energy efficiency and excellent lighting performance with innumerable advantages.

Input Voltage: 220-240Vac/120-277Vac 50/60Hz Power Factor: ≥0.95
Wattage: 28W-215W THD: ≤15%
LED efficiency: >130lm/W @700mA Working Life: L70>100,000h @Ta 25℃ (77℉)
Luminous Flux: 4500lm-21000lm Work Temp.: -40~50℃ (-40~ 122℉)
Luminaire efficiency: >110lm/W @700mA or 95lm/W @1050mA Warranty: 5 years limited
Color Temperature: 4000K/5000K (+/-300K) Listing: CE, CB, ENEC approved. RoHS compliant.
CRI: 70 min
  • LENDA mini

    LENDA mini




Robust die-cast aluminum housing with ultra-durable powder coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, UV degradation and abrasion.


The ultra-clear tempered glass meets IP65 per IEC60529,and IK08 per EN62262, ensure long life and protection from the environment.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink    

CREE LED is applied for high efficiency and long life (Calculated L70>100,000h @ Ta=25 ℃/77 F).5000K & 4000K with CRI>70, LPW>110 @700mA . IESNA Type 2M full cut-off optics system provides perfect light performance.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink    

The perfect free air-flow heat management system guarantees the LED chip Tc<60℃ (700mA driving) or 70℃ (1050mA driving) @ Ta=25℃ for long life span of the LED.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink    

Philips driver is available in 220 - 240Vac or 120-277Vac,50/60Hz, power factor ≥0.95 and THD ≤15% at full load. Class I output.


Tool-less latches release the top driver door for easy access to the electrical compartment make easy maintenance and installation.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink      

Twist-lock photocell in 3, 5 or 7 wires socket is optional.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink      

10KV/10KA SPD is set for protection.

Free air-flow through finned heat sink      

The unique spigot is fitted to 40-60mm (O.D.) poles and mast-arm, free to be adjusted in degrees of 0, +5, +10 for post-top mounting and +15, +10, +5, 0, -5, -10 for side-entry mounting.

Energy savings

LENDA series quality LED lighting system provides superior lighting performance and experience, allows for significant energy savings and maintenance cost reduction,finally to realize the fast pay back.

Energy savings

Average energy savings vs. Sodium / MH

LENDA 28 W 36 W 55 W 110 W 135 W
Sodium / MH 70 W (83 W) 100 W (120 W) 150 W (178 W) 200 W (230 W) 250 W (287 W)

Maintenance savings

Maintenance savings

savings from lamp replacement vs. Sodium / MH

LENDA series was designed with super long life span, the LED and driver are expected to work more than 100000h, it is over 20 years, 5 times of the sodium or MH lamp. No LED module and power supply will be needed to replace for the entire lifetime, it saves abundant maintenance costs compared with traditional sodium or metal halide.

Maintenance savings 5 sodium / MH replacements are needed during the 20 years while only 1 LENDA luminaire is served.

Fast payback

Fast payback

Up to 70% energy savings and 80% maintenance cost savings.
LENDA series can pay for itself back in 2 years after the first replacement, and makes more and more profit in the coming years, the city doesn't send a
crew and truck to replace a new lamp.

Electrical Data

Model # LDA12 LDA16 LDA24 LDA36 LDA48 LDA60
Number of LEDs 12 16 24 36 48 60
Power (W)
@ LED drive
current (mA)
1050mA 45W 60W 90W 130W 175W 215W
700mA 28W 36W 55W 80W 110W 135W
530mA 21W 27W 42W 60W 83W 102W
350mA 14W 18W 28W 40W 55W 68W


LENDA series utilize the patented optics design, fitted with high efficiency CREE LED and the new constructed square lens, redefined the LED module conception, maximize the flexibility and interchangeability.

Supported by the perfect heat management system, the luminous flux of the luminaire reaches 110lm/W. And the asymmetric light distribution design allow more light to reach the target road with high uniformity.

Efficacy.110lm/W real value

* Efficacy.110lm/W real value.

Cat. No. Driver current(mA) CCT Rated Lumen(lm) Rated Power(W) Efficiency(LPW) L70 @25 ℃ Driver Life @25 ℃
LDA12 1050 4000K/5000K 4500 45 100 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA12 700 4000K/5000K 3080 28 110 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA16 1050 4000K/5000K 5800 60 97 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA16 700 4000K/5000K 4000 36 111 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA24 1050 4000K/5000K 8500 90 95 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA24 700 4000K/5000K 5800 55 105 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA36 1050 4000K/5000K 13000 130 100 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA36 700 4000K/5000K 9200 80 115 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA48 1050 4000K/5000K 17500 175 100 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA48 700 4000K/5000K 12500 110 114 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA60 1050 4000K/5000K 21000 215 98 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA60 700 4000K/5000K 15000 135 111 >100,000h >100,000h


  • Post-top mounting

    Post-top mounting

    Capable of being adjusted the degree of 0, +5, +10.

  • Side-entry mounting

    Post-top mounting

    Capable of being adjusted the degree of +15, +10, +5, 0, -5, -10.

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