LED Street Light LTM Series

BBELED® LTM series simplified the design to linear modular at the two sides and water proof high efficiency driver in the center. The LTM first changed the installation way, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally, suits for any lamp pole with or without an arm, it is economic but universal.

Features and Specifications


Lighting for pedestrian ways, rural ways, pavement etc. Available to replace traditional MH or HPS luminaires 70-150W
with energy saving up to 60%.

  • LED Street Lights
  • L Series
  • LED Street Lights
  • L Series


LED & Optics


Universal driver is available in 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, power factor > 95% and THD <15%, IP67 waterproof.


CE pending, RoHS compliant


5 years limited

Note: all specifications subject to change without notice.

LED High Mast Light Dimension

dimension is in mm (inch), kg(lb)

Dimension & Weight

  L30 L60
L 530mm (20.9”) 856mm(33.7”)
W 225mm(8.9”) 225mm(8.9”)
H 76mm(3.0”) 76mm(3.0”)
Weight 4KG(8.8lb) 6KG(13.2lb)
Shipping data
CBM 0.022 0.034
G.W. N/A N/A

Ordering information:Example: L30-EPW1SL1

Series #of module - Voltage CCT Optics LED Bin - Options
L 30 - E PW 1S L1 -
HM 30
E: 100-240Vac
D: 12/24Vdc
1S: 140 × 60 L1: Level 1 (standard)
L4: Level 4 (hi-efficiency)

*Consult your sales representative for the options and the lead time will be varied depending on the options selected.

Electrical Data:

Number of LEDs LED drive current(mA) Rated Power(W) Total Current (Amp)
120V 220V 230V 240V
L30 24 350 30 0.251 0.145 0.141 0.137
L60 48 350 60 0.491 0.274 0.264 0.254

Optical & Photometric

1S: IESNA Type I

1S: IESNA Type I

Cat No. CCT Power (W) Initial Lumen (lm) Efficiency (LPW) Optics LED level IES file IES date (mm/dd/yy)
L30-EPW1SL1 5000-5800K 30 2763 92 1S L1 L30-EPW1SL1.ies 03/28/14
L30-EPW1SL4 5000-5800K 30 3031 101 1S L4 L30-EPW1SL4.ies 04/30/14
L30-ENW1SL1 4000-4500K 30 2605 87 1S L1 L30-ENW1SL1.ies 04/28/14
L30-ENW1SL4 4000-4500K 30 3033 101 1S L4 L30-ENW1SL4.ies 04/30/14
L60-EPW1SL1 5000-5800K 59 5431 92 1S L1 L60-EPW1SL1.ies 03/28/14
L60-EPW1SL4 5000-5800K 59 5941 101 1S L4 L60-EPW1SL4.ies 04/30/14
L60-ENW1SL1 4000-4500K 59 5126 87 1S L1 L60-ENW1SL1.ies 04/28/14
L60-ENW1SL4 4000-4500K 59 5908 100 1S L4 L60-ENW1SL4.ies 04/29/14

*The above data is based on BBELED lab test result, and is kept updating, changes will be not informed.

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