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Caution From BBE LED: Don’t Reply This Kind of “Business” E-mail


Dear Customer,

This is Jason Yang, Marketing and Sales Manager from BBE LED, Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd., recently, we found somebody use our BBE LED Sales name and send group e-mail to our current and potential customers, mostly, their e-mail is like this:

Dear Manager:

Our led lights products,pls see below:

Pls see the follow products decription carefully,for further information,pls see it at the attchment or visit the products catalogue and the price list with high power led and street lights,pls see them at the attach.

1:LED bulbs:MR16,SP50,SP70,SP80 and SPB have passed CE and RoSh approval.
1)MR16 is 3W and GU5.3 base.
2)SP50 is 3W,and edison screw and GU10,UL.
3)SP70(Par20) is 5W,and E26 and E27 base,UL.
4)SP80 with 10W and SP80B with 15W.l
All the SP series can replace for incandescent light or halogen light as a bulb.

2: LED street lights:IP65,input voltage is 12V or 24Vac/dc and 100-240Volt.
1):SP90 is 28w with 2100lm,CE and ROHs,UL pending.It can replace the 75W HPS lamp on 7m height pole or 1250W HPS lamp on 6m Height pole.
2):LU2 is 56W with 4200lm,CE and UL(No. is E319682),RoHs pending. .It can replace the 150W HPS lamp or 250W HPS lamp.
3):LU4 is 112W with 8400lm,CE and UL(No.is E319682),RoHs pending. It can replace the 250W HPS lamp.
4)LU6 is 156W with 12800lm,CE and UL(No. is E319682),RoHs pending. It can replace the 400PS lamp.
5):SD2 is using in turnel lights.It is 56W with 4200lm,CE and UL(No.is E319682),RoHs is Pending. It can replace the 250W HPS lamp.

3:LED traffic lights:See them at the attchment.

4:On the price list,pls visit it at the attach.
5:If you have any other question,pls let me know.And we will reply you in time.
6:If you have decision on samples,pls let me know the products series number and the quantity.I can do PI for you.

If you need further information,pls visit the follewed:

Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd.


Bill Eric

We'd like to tell you we do not have any outside sales, their e-mail is from ledbbeledchen@gmail.com or some similar e-mail address, all of our official e-mail is our business e-mail, such as *@bbeled.com, and of course, once you have set business relationship with us, maybe some of our sales will use a Hotmail or Gmail address as an alternative address, but please remember to check their name must come from our below team:
One more thing for double protection, if you receive any Sample Invoice or Commercial Invoice, they must contain below Bank Account Information:

For protect your interest, if you:

A. Receive any e-mail from such as ledbbeledchan@gmail.com;
B. Some people is not come from our team;
C. Or any invoice contains any other Bank Account Info.,


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