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20% off for BBE 20th birthday


Happy 20th birthday to BBE!
We highly appreciated the support we have received over the past 20 years since BBE was born in 1998. To celebrate this special occasion and deliver our appreciation and gratitude of your support, we are offering 20% off SPG series. Meanwhile, to celebrate LS series sales up to more than 300,000 and 20% discount of LS series will also be taken for customers. This discount activity will start from 1th Sep to 31th Oct. Please click our web and choose your favorite product to join our celebration.
20% off LS led street light

Spiegel(SPG) Series High Bay Light features Phillips Light source and Power Supply, adoption of ADC12 green aluminum materials shell for aesthetics and good heat dissipation along with a long service life over 50000h. The products emit soft and well-distributed light with brighter effect and great color rendering. And it employs constant current power supply with high efficiency along with low heat and saving energy.
20% off SPG led high bay light
LS series products, specially designed for road lighting, can meet a vast majority of challenging roadway and street lighting applications. It chooses CREE and LG high-power luminaire and integrates structure and design to make it high cost-performance. Meanwhile, it minimizes energy consumption and optimizes lighting experience. As a bestselling star product, it achieved new record of sales up to more than 300,000 in 2017, which is more than popular in the world.
The 20th year of BBE is a big milestone, as a leading LED innovator, BBE will step forward from strength to strength toward achieving our next decade strategic goals.


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