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Philips paid a visit to BBE and held a deep talk on further cooperation


Philips paid a visit to BBE and held a deep talk on further cooperation

  On Nov. 9 2017, Philips China CEO Yang Rong with his team arrived in BBE and started significant visit. BBE representatives including Lijian and Wangying, the president and managing director, with other BBE senior executives attended this meeting. 

  Mr. Wang introduced to Philips that BBE as among the first enterprises engaged in LED industry in China have gained a great deal of experience in products innovation, designing and marketing over 20 years development. Every year the export of street lights is ranking top ten across the industry in China. The cooperation with Philips will be a win-win result.

  Actually, on the road to design and research high-quality and energy-efficient LED products, BBE have development concept in common with Philips. The cooperation between Philips and BBE started a long time ago. This time, both sides agreed to carry out all-round close handin-hand strategic cooperation in products covering street lights series and high bay series ─ the star series in BBE. And this make BBE become the biggest strategic partner of Philips in South China.

  When talking about current smart street lights, both sides agreed that smart street lighting will be a hot field in the next few years. And some pre-works should be done for its development. Philips will provide the power drivers and software system to BBE to open the market together.

  Mr. Yang express that they will continue developing more projects with BBE in an open-up mind. Also, in the future Philips will have more technological team in BBE to carry out more technological cooperation deeply.

  Philips has a deeper and better understanding of the front market, while BBE does so of markets development and trend. Deeper cooperation for information sharing enables better win-win development for both sides.


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