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BBE Releases Upgraded LED Street Light


BBE LED, as China first LED Street Light manufacturer, since we invented our LED Street Light in 2006, in the last 5 years, we have installed our LUs more than 130,000 pcs in more than 130 countries, the reliability and stability are verified by the market.

We must say, LUs are our successful models, yet, we keep improving, modifying and upgrading this model, now, we are glad to announce we will release our Upgraded LUs now, the major improvements including:

1. Heat Sink

BBE Releases Upgraded LED Street Light

We have improved the heat sink to change them more impact, now, the heat sink with less weight but has a better performance for heat dispatching.

2. Frame

BBE Releases Upgraded LED Street Light

We have changed the frame design to let it stronger, also, it is for stand the vibration, right now, the whole light has better looking and stronger.

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