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The designing trend in HK lighting fair


The designing trend in HK lighting fair

   The 3-day Hong Kong lighting fair 2017 (autumn edition) came to an end at a colorful and exciting circumstance. As a first-tier lighting fair across the globe, this fair has been more impressive to the world. This fair attracted more than 2,670 enterprises and entities from 30 countries including PHILIPS, LEDUS, MEGAMAN, VIRIBRIGHT, etc. Additionally, the fair authority made a survey from 654 exhibitors and visitors. The results are as below:

a.More than six-in-ten people believed that North America and West Europe are the top increasing potential traditional markets.
b.As for emerging market, China (64%) and ASEAN (42%) has been something to behold.
c.About four-in-ten supposed LED and other green products will have a huge increasing potential in 2017, most of which are concerning with indoor lighting and smart lighting system.

   In the HK Convention and Exhibition Center, three floors of HK convention and exhibition center were occupied with different exhibitors. Whereas, the floor worthwhile to visit is first one, where contains 650 well-known brands with great reputation and strength. The key trend in the first floor you can see is intelligence. Many manufacturers chose smart phones and Tablet computers to control the on or off of the light.

   Almost 90% exhibitors prohibit people to take photos, which reflected more and more manufacturers put so much value on intellectual property. Here below are about something trend reflected in this fair.

   a.Star product ─ LED filament light
      This light blends traditional design with up-to-date LED technology to build a fashion and appealing product. Many analysts predicted that this light not only truly save great energy, but also meet the need of nostalgic group. It will make a hit in the future market.

   b.Different material mix
      It will be a new trend for different material mix to apply in LED appearance, such as blending wood and leather, leather and glass, etc.

   c.Appearance, innovation become development trend
      Some different and unique designs make them stand out in this fair. For example, robot light, cloth light, wood light and cement lights, etc.

   d.OLED debut
      OLED is the word repeatedly mentioned in the recent years. Its super-thin, free to bend and uniform light character make it popular in this fair. While, high costs curb its step into marketing.

   To sum up, integration is a main trend. However, it is a clever manner to dig customers need, and strive to meet their need, and then manufacture appropriate products.


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