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BBE Lab-Led street lights, Led high bay lights,Led solar street lights.


Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co,. Ltd, with independent laboratory occuping over 6000㎡, imported a vast majority of advanced equipmrnt since 2011from top companys including HuaYi electroics, Everfine Instrument, Agilent, Fluke, CI,etc. Meanwhile, BBE enlisted a great deal of excellent talents, trained in professional institution, as backbones in lab testing for light fixtures and power driver, which is approved by IEC60598-1/IEC60598-2-1/IEC60598-2-3/IEC60598-2-4/IEC61347-1/IEC61347-2-13/IEC60968/IEC62031/IEC60560 and is verfied by TUV with ISO/IEC17025. Also, BBE is qualificated by TUV and approved by ISO/IEC17025 certification.

Testing Capability

  • Regulatory Compliance Lab
  • Reliability Lab
  • EMC Lab
  • Optics & Electrics Lab
  • New Energy Lab
    Production Compliance Lab
    • Electric Strength Test and Ground Resistance Test:

      Execute test strictly in accordance with IEC60598 international Standards and GB7000.1 Standards with equipment testing data in line with European & American standard. Meanwhile, it can fully test products and filter the inferior products.

    • Leakage Current Test:

      Execute test strictly by international standards IEC60598/GB7000.1with advanced international equipment in case of current leakage to ensure it safety.

    • IK Test:

      Execute test by IEC62262 standards and GB/T20138 standards and calibrate it regularly to ensure product components in line with national standards.

    • Pull Force Test:

      Execute test by IEC60598 standards and GB7000.1 standards with domestic general pulling tool and calibrate it regularly to ensure products safety and qualification.

    • Switch Impact Test:

      Execute text strictly by international standards EC/1194/2012 ERP with advanced imported equipment to ensure products accuracy and qualification.

    • Durability and aging test:

      Adopt first-class imported sophisticated equipment in a 20㎡ test room to meet testing of 50 samples over 10KW. Testing data and scale reach national level. Execute test strictly by IEC60598 standards and GB7000.1 standards with accelerated aging test to have a faster evaluation period of components and product lifespan.

    • Heat-Resistant Test (Ball Pressure Test):

      Execute test strictly by IEC60598 standards and GB7000.1 standards with international advanced equipment in evaluating live parts to ensure products safety and decrease the rate of unqualified products.

    • Electric Strength Test and Ground Resistance Test

    • Leakage Current Test

    • IK Test

    • Pull Force Test

    • Switch Impact Test

    • Durability and aging test

    • Heat-Resistant Test (Ball Pressure Test)

    Reliability Laboratory
    • IP Level Test:

      Adopt advanced automatic machine to take waterproof test by IEC60529/IEC60589 standards and GB4208/GB7000.1 standards, which is close to the realistic application and is ahead in the same industry.

    • Reliability Lab:

      Equip with advanced GWS equipment by IEC60668-2-1/-2-2/-2.56/ and GB2423-1-2-9 standards and imitate rigorous outdoors conditions of high-temperature, high-humidity, low-temperature over -40℃ in line with Aviation Military Level for providing reliable products to customer. Our products are distinctive in lighting fixtures and BBE have been awarded advanced model enterprise for 6 years.

    • Salt Fog Lab:

      Adopt domestic first–class 3 m³equipment containing whole light to execute test by IEC60068-2-11/GB2423.17 standards, along with equipment adjustment regularly. Our products can be intact to execute test up to 1000H.

    • IP Level Test

    • Reliability Lab

    • Salt Fog Lab

    EMC Laboratory
    • THD Lab:

      Execute test by IEC61000-3-2 standards and GB17625.1 standards with imported Germany equipment and keep the data in line with third party certification to ensure products data accuracy in case of the influence and pollution to the power grid from the unqualified power driver.

    • EMS Surge Lab:

      Test by IEC61000-4-4 standards and GB17626.4 standards, and adopt advanced imported equipment to execute a 2KV and 4KV thunderstruck test by the rules of Guangdong province. Meanwhile, it also meets the America standards UL1449 of 10KV thunderstruck. The testing level is ahead in the industry.

    • EMI Lab:

      Approved by EN55015 standards, FCC-15 standards, GB-17743 standards, this lab adopts top-ranking Rf Shield Room with advanced equipment from USA ensure testing data accuracy. Thus it defends against the influence of unqualified products to other equipment.

    • Field Test:

      Professional team with approved specializing equipment executes field test after installation, which test data are in line with test results of third party and Lighting Management Office.

    • THD Lab

    • EMS Surge Lab

    • EMI Lab

    • Field Test

  • Light distribution (optical performance) Lab:

    Adopt advanced imported optical testing equipment and international-certified testing method IES and CIE, which testing data reach 98% and 95% compared with national fixture testing center and actual lighting situation, which provided lighting owner with accurate data.

  • New Energy Library:

    Simulate design according to actual application conditions. Adopt artificial wind source and collect data, both of which provide accurate and rapid scheme for application customers needed. It can save costs and improve evaluating efficacy to create more values for enterprises and customers.

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