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BBE Celebrated 16th Anniversary

"16, We are young!" When everybody yelled out, our photographer taken the big smiles photo, we just realized, time flied, 16 years, we had walked a very long march already.

Let our thoughts fly back to 1998, when we found our company, we wanted to fulfill our vision, use the clean technology, to Build a Better Earth, though we have multiple choices but we choose LEDs definitely, started our journey from the LED Traffic Signal products.

BBE Celebrated 16th Anniversary

There was no real flat way for anybody, at the beginning of our startup, we encountered so many dilemmas, the most difficult barrier for us is there was no standard, reference, or rules, we must learn from doing, trying and application, fortunate finally, we succeed in hundreds of projects and became the No. 1 brand of the LED Traffic Signals in the domestic market.

BBE Celebrated 16th Anniversary

Along with the brightness improving of the white LEDs, there are more and more company considering how to switch the LED application from signal and display to lighting, most of they did a lot test from indoor lighting but we are not, we choose the most challenge application – outdoor lighting.

That’s how we became the China first LED Street Light developer, manufacturer and exporter, we invented the rectangular beam, modular design LED Street Lights, and installed our first LED street lights in Mexico early up to 2006, right now, we have been landed our products to more than 140 countries, BBE LED has become one of the most famous brands in road LED Lighting industries.

BBE Celebrated 16th Anniversary

When we look back the past 16 years, we always thinking, what’s the most important element of a company to grow up, bigger and stronger? Innovation, absolutely, sure there are many important reasons but innovation must be the first priority, we must say.

BBE Celebrated 16th Anniversary

Right now, we are looking our future path and thinking what should we do in the next 16 years, or 61 years? We must know, whatever we do, and wherever we go, we will not step away our mission: focus on clean technology, to become a comprehensive eco-friend solution provider, to Build a Better Earth.

We are ready to embrace the future already, yes, WE ARE READY!

Any question, pls feel free to contact us. Thanks.

Tel.: +86 755 2958 8988 Ext. 837 Fax: +86 755 2958 8616
Mobile: +86 185 7520 6951

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We believe you have learned a lot about our products, projects, and profiles, our vision, mission, and patience. Thanks for your time, before you contact us, we’d like to emphasize, we are:

etter Designer Insist on Independent Innovation
Rectangular Beam Patent Inventor
Modular LED Street Light Inventor
etter Manufacturer China 1st LED Street Lights Manufacturer
Installed in 140+ countries
5 Years Warranty
co-solution Provider SKD Parts optional, DIY Yours easily
OEM/ODM acceptable, Customize Your easily
Solar, Wind or other Eco-solutions available…

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