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    BBE LU4 in Mexico

    Today we would like to show u one of our new projects in Mexico. Thanks to our partner, the 80 units LU4 was installed in a new 1km bridge which connect two cities. U can find the project information here below:

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    BBE LU4 in Mexico

    This project is involved with our new street light LU4 in Mexico in 2, July, 2012. This light is designed with 2 light sources in a pole to light up the dual-lane. This project is situated at a new 1km bridge which connects two cities.

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    BBE LU4 in Mexico

    Bright light increase the aesthetics at night, and provide with peace-of-mind and safety for the crossing vehicles and pedestrians. It can effectively reduce the waste of light and reduce the energy consumption.
    If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

  • BBE LU4 in Mexico
  • BBE LU4 in Mexico
  • BBE LU4 in Mexico


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