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    BBE LS5 in Guanlan Avenue, Shenzhen, China

    In May, 2014, BBE launched a LED street light replacement project in Guanlan, Shenzhen, with latest model LS5. More than thousand units LS5 LED street lights used to replace traditional High Pressure Sodium luminaires. Combining fashionable style LED street light and classic Chinese knot, it brought fantastic visual enjoyment.

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    BBE LS5 in Guanlan Avenue, Shenzhen, China

    In May, 2014 BBE issued a new generation LED Street light LS5 and put into use in Guanlan Street, Shenzhen city.

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    BBE LS5 in Guanlan Avenue, Shenzhen, China

    Different form the common familiar street light, this product in the picture is designed with eye-catching and aesthetically-design appearance. We studied the field conditions and surrounding circumstance, we decide to adopt 150w LS5 light with dual lights. It emits brighter white light beyond what was replaced.

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    BBE LS5 in Guanlan Avenue, Shenzhen, China

    LED Street light is a complex products combining optics system, thermal management, electronic technology, construction design and material selection. It’s not easy to pick up a right product for your project. Fortunately, BBE owns years of experience and professional teams to research such products you pursuit.


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