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Dear Customer

Thank you for visiting our website, after you read the products and projects information about us, you must want to know what the users or other people’s opinion about BBE LED and its products, here is some voices from them:

LED product and current north American market

High power led lighting are about to break through in all over North America. Everyone had heard about the energy saving and maintenance free with high power led lighting. But no one will be able to provide the market widely without having a product witch meet all electrical standards. Major city, government, architect, engineer will only specify the product once standards are meet. The most common recognize is UL register number meaning complying with all standards US and Canadian.

BBE Lighting

After our review of all high power led lighting products on the market. We believed that BBE LU series is the products witch will be the first to meet most of the lighting requirement of the market. The challenge of the high power led lighting will be on how well we will be able to spread uniformity of the light level on different application. BBE as a unique lens design witch out performed other.  25 degree adjustment of the lamp also allow to use the light were it need to be.

Cooperation with BBE LED

We have to admit that BBE are very patient and did strongly supported Ledel International during the very though process of getting the LU series eminent pending certification register by UL. Also we can claim that BBE do support customer with prompt response when warranty claim arise. Relationship will only enhance due to mutual respect, truthfully and honest relation.

Normand Poliquin
LeDel International
1000 Lionel-Boulet blvd. Local C Varennes, QC, Canada, J3X1P7

Eyes on "LED lamps and its market"

It definitely will come with big wave in near future, but due to our Malaysia currency is too small compare to USD and EURO, we facing a great challenge, the market moving very slow because of pricing.

Ideas or comments on BBE LED lamps

Overall are fine, but still feel that your SP80 and SP80B the aluminium surface is too hot compare to others competitor, this feedback is from our customers. Just to promote LED bulb is quite difficult, customers always ask to supply light fitting together as one set, for example MR16, customers will ask to supply together with track light fitting, and most of the fitting in our market can't fit our DC driver and LED MR16 bulb, always cause the same problem.

Idea of cooperation with BBE?

Is good! no problem at all till now, but sometime the reply on some technical issue a bit slow, but the time frame still acceptable. Overall is good!


Opinion about LED Market

We strongly believe in the huge potential of LED market but are also a little doubtful about the real life time because no product has been yet tested for 50000hours. Still, we believe LED will be the ew lighting technology.

Regarding BBE Products

We think quality is very good and promotion is also very good. Still, compared to other companies which are copying your products they are a little expensive. Also we think maybe u could expand more your products and start manufacturing also led tubes, 360º led streetlight, and new and more powerful 3W spotlights.

Cooperation with BBE LED

I trust your company for business and you as a business partner and as friend.

Paula Paredes

What do you think about led and the led lighting market?

LED it’s just one of the best energy saving choices, also it’s environment friendly, no noise contamination or noise pollution, can start illuminating faster (almost instantly), have better color temperature in pure white presentation, etc.. So I think that LED it’s just the best choice to replace almost all kind of conventional illumination and high power illumination. It still has some disadvantages like smaller illumination angle, heat problems (especially for high power LED products), high price and some restrictions to illuminate football fields (still need to have more power). But any way, LED technology it’s developing to be better every day. My opinion about LED market, it’s one of the most powerful actual markets for illumination and will continue growing day by day. Just I can only say that the only new main competence of LED products for illumination can only be induction magnetic lamps, because they are cheaper than LEDs and almost the same in power saving meaning way, but also induction lamps have plenty of disadvantages and some design problems.

How do you think of BBE led products?

In my personal meaning, I can say BBE products are really good quality products, good design, good prices, good customer service and nice warranty of 3 years. The only things I see that stop BBE of growing faster are: Making better the products every day, because I had seen that you have the same kind of products since two years ago, had not sent more products or new improves made to your products so we can tell that improvements to our customers, also BBE lack of loyalty in some instances, because we had lost some projects at our country and cities where we have local offices working to sell your products, and the last one I can tell it’s that the prices never are better, all time they are higher and higher, even if China it’s in crisis, BBE still don’t give us better prices to be more and more competitive all the time versus other suppliers. Please don’t think I’m mad with you, I only need to be honest to you so you can also be better for us, we all time which to just be your legal distributor at least at Monterrey Mexico and Mexico City, just please consider it.

What about the relationship between you and BBE?

Our relationship it’s good, but need more loyalty from BBE to us to make us feel happy, we have been making the best marketing of your products worldwide, and maybe plenty of our customers had made buys directly to you and we really don’t have the idea, that’s what I mean, we need you to help us, to be loyal and also respect our distribution market of your products, you will sell any way, it’s just a way of thinking that you think that selling directly to our competence will be better and it don’t we receive more than 40 illumination daily inquiries and mostly all of them are from your products, just think about it, we receive this inquiries from Worldwide.

Ing. Alfredo Olivares Càrdenas

We are now almost 1.5 years in LED business and about 1 year in cooperation with BBE.

Today we can say it was the right decision to enter this area of activity.

Maybe this year turnover was not big enough but the explanation is quite simple – the polish market was not ready for this yet.

Today the situation has changed and we can look at 2010 very optimistic.

If it comes to your products, we are generally satisfied.

Anyway we get the feedback from the market about existing problems with power supply and sometime with LED modules.

Our personal experience that’s only one problem SP90 lamp which is blinking.

Our technical staff, very experienced standard street light found another potential problem with SP90. According to them the SP90 is too heavy and with additional support the E40 base can’t work to long because the light poles are vibrating.

This will push us into trouble sooner or later. We have the solution for that and this is additional fixation of the SP90 to the lamp body.

Cooperation with your company is very good.

We hope you can be more flexible for the future in terms of payment (if it comes to bigger orders).

We have also suggestion to perform periodical monitoring of new products and price level on the market, to be always on competitive level.

And let’s try to extend our cooperation and take more benefits from it for both parties in 2010!

Jerzy Michalak Poland

As you have installed our LU Series Street Light, according the usage of this light, how do you experience on our Street Light?

Comment #1: The LU Series Street Lights deliver best optical performance compared to any other LED street light. The beam management is excellent which provide uniform illumination on the street surface.

How do you think about the future of LED Street Light?

Comment#2: The future of street lighting (as well as for indoor lighting) is with LED based luminaires. The LED Street Light provides long life, large energy savings and superior optical performance to make it the lowest life cycle lighting cost.

What do you think should be improved on our Street Light?

Comment#3: An optional hood over the heat sink fins on the top. In dusty environment, over 2-3 years dust accumulation may reduce heat transfer efficiency due to dirt accumulation. IP66 rating for the street lights may also be a good idea.

Shankar Narayan
Gaia Energy

What do you think about led and the led lighting market?

The US LED market is becoming stronger and stronger everyday! There are 4-5 key products for LED Lighting that everyone seems to be asking for. The 2 big factors for LED lights are:

a. UL Certifications

b. Dimmable LED bulbs/Spots for Residential and Commercial applications.

How do you think of BBE led products?

BBE LED products are high in quality, extremely well manufactured and very well represented! BBE seems to focus their product line around large industrial lighting, i.e.: Street Lights, stop lights, signal lights, etc. There needs to be more product focus on the US common bulbs. PAR30, PAR38, T8, MR16. These products are my best sellers here. The LED?s BBE has chosen for your MR16 cannot compare to the CCT of Nichia, CREE. Many customers are requesting Nichia and CREE LED?s because of the wonderful color rendition. I can help further in this area if you would like?

What about the relationship between you and BBE?

I believe that BBE is the BEST LED Company in China for their customer service, quality, packaging, etc. Mr. Jacky Jiang has been wonderful to work with. I wish everyday that your product line was the products I needed?.I would never buy from anyone else!!!! Because I have very difficult time finding the product the US market requests Smart Earth is looking to bring manufacturing to the US. I have all the information that is needed to know what products are in most demand here in US and also what it will take to develop a product that will be un-matched. There may be some information I can assist your company in to get you knowledgeable of US LED requests, if interested

Mr. Kevin M. Button
United States of America

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