Solar LED Street Light LU2 in Kunming China

BBE LED, we not only produce and supply you our LED Street Light, we also supply you the complete Solar LED Street Light solution, or even supply you the full Solar LED Street Light set, here is one of our Solar LED Street Light project in Kunming, Yun’nan, China

Solar LED Street Light (LU2) in China

Actually, because lack of energy, there is a huge demand of Solar Energy, for public lighting, street lighting is a very big part from all the public lighting items, so takes LED Street Light or even Solar LED Street Light to save more energy and money is very important.

Solar LED Street Light (LU2) in China

If you need Solar LED Street Light, whether you need the whole LED Street Light system or just need the LED Street Light from us, just tell us, our engineer will give you the complete Solar LED Street Light configuration for you, just call us now:

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