BBE LED Tunnel Light for Indoor Stadium Lighting LEDge ODDL56

Karnataka Badminton Association operates an indoor stadium at Bangalore with 10 courts. The courts operate for about 15 hours every day for academy practice and club members. Each Court is illuminated with a battery of FTL hung on each side of the court. Notice the image aside. Each fixture consists of 8 nos. of 40W FTL and 4 fixtures are required per court. The power load of each court is about 1.4kW. The ground level lux intensity was found to be between 85-95 lux.

LED Tunnel Light, SD2 in India

Considering the target area and the existing lux levels, 6 Nos. of LEDge ODDL56 fixtures were chosen to retrofit the lighting. The main objective of the retrofit project was to bring down the energy load and the hence the operating cost of the badminton courts.

LED Tunnel Light, SD2 in India

The ODDL56 was mounted at a height of 5.5m above ground to minimize the glare and offer uniform illumination across the court. The retrofit project was able to bring down the load of each court to 396W which represent a load reduction of a massive 72% and bringing down the daily energy consumption (for 15 hours operation) to 5.9kWh from 21.6kWh.

LED Tunnel Light, SD2 in India

The ODDL56 retrofit provides ground level lux intensity between 95-105 lux which is a 10% improvement in the brightness. Moreover the better CRI (>75) of the ODDL56 light as compared to the FTL, provides enhanced vision to the players. The lighting is brighter and colors appear natural. Please see the image aside.

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