LED Street Light in Korea

As BBE LED posted our LED Street Light project in last January, this time, we’d like to show you more picture of this project we had taken recently.


LED Street Light, LU4 in LED Street Light, LU4 in Korea

After more than 18 months, these LED Street Lights are work well there, there is almost no degeration on them, and we will show you more data about this later.

LED Street Light, LU4 in Korea 

Korea is one of our most important market in East Asia market, in April, 2008, Yuyang and BBE LED signed Strategic Cooperative Partner in Korea market, in the last 14 months, we promoted LED Street Light in Korea market together.

LED Street Light, LU4 in Korea

This year, we have exported more of LED Street Light there, except this, we also work together to improve and sell the indoor LED Lighting products such as our SP80B and SP80.

LED Street Light, LU4 in Korea

We will have more and more corporation in the future, if you need more information about our products in Korea market, please kindly contactour partner and distributor – Yuyang.

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