BBE’S Brilliance on Garden Island Western Australia

Garden Island is a slender island about ten kilometers long and one and a half kilometers wide, lying about 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) off the Western Australian coast, to which it is now linked by a man-made causeway.

BBE’S Brilliance on Garden Island Western Australia

Like Rottenest Island and Carnac Island, it is a limestone outcrop covered by a thin layer of sand accumulated during an era of lowered sea levels. The Noongar Indigenous Australians tell of walking to these islands in their Dream time.

At the end of the last ice age, the sea level rose, cutting the island off from the mainland. For the last seven thousand years the island has existed in relative isolation.

BBE’S Brilliance on Garden Island Western Australia

The Royal Australian Navy's largest fleet base, Fleet Base West, also called HMAS Stirling, is located on the shores of Careening Bay, on the southeastern section of Garden Island, facing Cockburn Sound.

So far, with the effort of our distributor - Lightsense Australia Pty Ltd, in Australia. we have installed more than 350 numbers of LU4 on this beautiful island. And we will soon push another projects which are 900 numbers of LU4 on this island.

BBE’S Brilliance on Garden Island Western Australia

Our LED Street Light fixtures are designed to provide energy efficient, long lasting white light, while meeting rigorous street lighting standards in Australia. BBE has a long-standing history in Street Lighting since 2006, and is proud to continue its leadership with LED Street Light technology.

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