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    BBE LED Canopy Lights Mobil in USA

    We would like to show you one more project using our LED canopy light LE72 in USA. Recognizing the importance of lighting as an advertising tool, our clients shared that the new canopy lighting brightens the overall site, welcoming customers. Further, upgrading to the LED system offers tremendous energy and maintenance savings due to the efficiency and long life of the fixtures.

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    BBE LED Canopy Lights Mobil in USA

    Our clients have been looking at LED lighting for years but stayed away because of the cost. We showed them how, by upgrading to our canopy lighting, the fixtures would pay for themselves in 3 years just by the energy saving. They performed outstanding lighting and great cutoff. Moreover, they have over 50% annual energy and maintenance savings.

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    BBE LED Canopy Lights Mobil in USA

    Known for its low energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs, the original plan will call for more fixtures to light the canopy and we BBE will offer the best solution to our clients. You will see more and more BBE canopy light installed there.

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    BBE LED Canopy Lights Mobil in USA

    For more information about our products, you are welcome to contact with us at any time. We will give you our best price and best service.Interest in our products and want to work with us? Feel free to contact us now.


Model: LE72

United States

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